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She's got Kevyn Aucoin's Smokey Eyes

The title of this post is meant to be sung to the tune of ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ as a tribute to the late, great Kevyn Aucoin.  

I believe the most expertly applied smokey eye is the one that looks as though you’ve spent half an hour at the M.A.C. counter, with the right amount of shading, contouring and blending, blending, blending.  Since I was 12, I practiced in the mirror, on friends, even when we weren’t going anywhere.  The techniques and tips were amassed from volumes of Allure magazines and from the expert himself, Kevyn Aucoin.  My sister and I had such an obsession, that we bought his books and followed his work from Vogue to Bazaar.  It was the Cult of Kevyn.  When he was scheduled at the local beauty school for a book signing to promote Making Faces, we planned to skip school to get his autograph.  Lucky girl, she went but sadly, I had a biology exam and now I live to regret not having hugged and photographed my Makeup Artist Idol.  (It’s just like that time my sister went to Australia and brought home pics of herself hugging koalas.  Why do you torture me sooo?)  

My go-to evening look is a black smokey eye.  Whenever people ask me why I don’t sport the look during the day, I jest, “No one would get any work done.” Kidding. Sort of.  Not really.  The right effect of the best smokey eye is: “Damn that girl is sultry and hottt!!” and not “Girl, you look like RuPaul. You better work!”  There is a fine line between gorgessity and drag queen so keep practicing until you get it right.  And plus, this is a look best served under dim lights and a dancefloor, not under fluorescent McDonalds and before noon.

"Sorry? What did you say? I just can't focus... your smokey eyes are mesmerizing..."

"Sorry? What did you say? I just can't focus... your smokey eyes are mesmerizing..."

I suggest you try My Top Beauty Look of Infinity (this has been #1 since 1990) using these simple, yet effective techniques:

  1. Using a black or brown eyeliner (I like the kind you don’t sharpen) line along the top & bottom lashline.  Sounds backwards but I like doing this first.
  2. Apply a dark chocolate brown all over the lid using a brush. 
  3. Apply a black eyeshadow in the crease of each eye gradually blending into the top lash line to produce an ombre effect.  The darkest part of the eye should be the crease and on the 1/3 outer corners of the lids.
  4. Using a clean brush blend, blend, blend so that no harsh lines are visible between the crease & eyebrow bone.
  5. Dip a smaller brush into the chocolate shadow, to gently smudge the eyeliner on the bottom lashline.
  6. Kevyn’s trick:  Finish with a creamy taupe highlighter on your brow bone and on the inner eye – This makes you look doe eyed & wide awake! 
  7. Apply two coats of black mascara (Maybelline does the trick).  For the beauty adventurous, tint with blue mascara (Sephora carries some fun colours).
  8. Kevyn’s a genius:  Use a wet Q-tip to wipe away any excess shadow dots.
  9. Kevyn’s the guru:  Apply concealer and press powder under your eyes after applying shadow to avoid having to re-do since black & brown have a tendency to drop everywhere ruining your makeup.
  10. My trick:  Go out and seduce everyone with your Kevyn Aucoin Smokey eyes!

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