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My Perfect Man & the LC Braid

“Sooo, what kind of guy is your type?” asks T as he gently brushes my hair with a fine tooth comb. “Mmm, y’know skinny, artsy, hottt hipster on Queen West with tight jeans.”  (Since this visit, I am trying to date against type).  T swivels the chair around, upturns a smile and in mock serious looks me in the eye to deadpan, “So what you’re saying is, I’m your perfect man?” We burst into laughter.

And this is why T is my Perfect Man.  The hairstylist to PYT (pretty young thing) is a delicate relationship.  Why? Because girls are insanely protective of their locks and for the hour (low) to three hours (high maintenance!) that we occupy the salon hotseat, we have little to no control over what’s happening as far as scissors and a flat iron are concerned.  You could say cut off 2″ only to see large chunks be swept away into a dustpan as future landfill.  But when I leave T’s chair, that’s not the case.

T is my Perfect Man for many reasons.  Cutting & styling my hair are only two of them…

  • T always greets me with a warm smile and keeps me laughing.  It’s all banter and non stop comedy.  T: “Your hair looks really good.”  Me: “You styled it.”  T:”You grew it.” This goes on back and forth while other hairstylists roll their eyes and patrons throw up just a little in their mouths (I’m convinced!).
  • He cares about my social life and wants me to be pretty.  “Next time you come in, make sure you have plans afterwards so I can do loose curls with a flat iron.” (a la MK Olsen)  He ponders this thought a moment and then retracts, “I know you’re not going out tonight but I’m going to curl it like you are.”
  • He’s a mad tease.  He showed no fear when I said ‘more! more! more!’ This one time I asked T to re-create the ubiquitous LC braid and tease the crown of my hair for an updo, “I like, just learned how to braid.  I’ve done it so many times this week.”
  • Dang his pants are tights!  “I like wearing really skinny jeans but one time my boss told me that they were too tight.”  Haha.  Okay, this statement needs no explanation but it’s even funnier because he works at a trendyx3 downtown hipster salon.
  • He has a wild imagination:  “Didn’t you bring in a picture of Vanessa Hudgens from Teen Vogue because you wanted your hair to look like hers?”  Uh no, but okay.

And lastly and most importantly, he also has a cut & paste love collage of his hopes and dreams and re-dramatized a scene from The Secret while trimming my bangs.  Be still my heart. What’s not to love? Insert sigh.

LC with her notorious braid in a sideways ponytail.

LC with her notorious braid in a sideways ponytail.


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